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Based in Cape Town, All Angles Photography offers quality Property Real Estate Photography services, including aerial photography services, rendering professionally captured and edited photographs and videos by finding a perfect balance between spaces and design

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Property Photography

With the balance of composition, natural light and symmetry we are able to photograph the essence of luxury spaces of Real Estate whether it be in residential homes or hotels and lodges, making sure to emphasize the appeal, beauty and design of what has been presented. We understand that architecture is more than just a building or structure but rather a complex combination of symmetry, spaces and materials brought together to create something unique. Keeping that understanding in mind, we are able to photograph Real Estate in a way that showcases the look and feel of a property to its best potential

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Image Editing

We understand the pressures of the quick paced working lifestyles of Real Estate agents and the need to get their properties listed quickly and efficiently, occasionally lacking the time frame to book a Property Photographer to come in and shoot. We also understand that entry leveled properties don't always allow for a large marketing budget in order to book a Real Estate Photographer. Catering to the needs of our clients; we offer basic image editing services where clients can give us the images they have taken and we can freshen them up as best we can and send them back.

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Property Video Services

Floor Plans

Creating a video tour of your property is truly a way to grip the potential buyer or guest on what the property is all about. Video is able to bring the property alive, allowing the potential guest/buyer to 'walk' through the space as if they were there... making it possible for them to get the full perspective.

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To date we have photographed the interiors & architecture of well over 1000 homes and properties - having our fair share in having to stage, light, compose and photograph many interior spaces in a manner to best show a properties potential for online Real Estate marketing. We have learnt and discovered many ways of preparing homes for photography - that combined with the photography skills & experience we have accumulated over the years makes All Angles Photography a good choice for your media needs.

Our services are available to any individual who is involved in Real Estate, Hotel Accommodation, Property Development and Property Marketing. Or if you simply have a home or BnB you want photographed, then consider us for any of your photographic needs. 

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Want to know more about our real estate photography services or have a few questions for us? Please check out our frequently asked questions page or alternatively feel free to contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for.