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Real Estate Photography

Why use a photographer for Real Estate?

The most common place for property to be marketed is online on sites such as Property24. What drives initial attention to property listings are the images uploaded. Therefore, to gain the audience necessary, Property Agents and Real Estate Developers need to ensure that the images displayed are professionally photographed and edited.

Another point less known is the size and format in which the images are saved will also affect the quality of your property listing. Our Photographer is fully aware and takes into account these facts when rendering services to our clients.

How should my property be prepared for Real Estate Photography?

This can be a lengthy topic so we have created a list of tips and guides to follow in order to prepare your home for a photography shoot.

What are your rates and prices?

Our pricing varies depending on the Photography services needed and the projects requirements. Contact us so we can discuss and draw up a quote that best fits your needs.

Do you offer other media services?

Yes, we do. One of our newer services we offer is image editing and manipulation for Real Estate, Interior and Architecture images. This service is tailored for (but not limited to) Real Estate Agents as they often run on tight schedules or simply want to re-upload property listings. We offer to take any images they have captured, improve them and send them back in a timely manner.

Who can use your photographic services?


All services such as our Interior, Architecture, Aerial (Drone) and Video Photography is available to any individual who requires these services. Individuals ranging from a simple home or BnB owner needing a few nice photographs to Architects, Restaurateurs and those involved in Real Estate, Hotel Accommodation, Property Development and Marketing. 

How do I upload video to a property listing?

When making use of our Real Estate Videography services; we edit and tailor the video best for web upload and take the initiative to upload the video onto YouTube and give you the link (URL). All you are required to do is copy the link and paste it in the video section of the Property listing.

Please note: We don’t guarantee this method works for all sites. If any issues are encountered the video can be sent directly to you.   

How long will the real estate shoot take?

The time taken by our photographers to complete a Real Estate shoot is dependent on the size and requirements of the project. Generally speaking, a shoot of an average sized Property will be completed on the day.

When can I expect the photographs to be delivered?

Depending on the size of the property and requirements given, generally you can expect your Real Estate photographs within 2 working days from the completion of the shoot. 

How many photos will I receive?

The number of photos received will depend on the requirements of the Real Estate shoot. Keeping in mind, all property and architecture have different sizes and features therefore the number of images can vary.

How will I receive the media of the property?

All photographs and/or videos, once edited, will be uploaded to a cloud/media storage platform and shared with the relevant client.

What format options can my Real Estate photos be delivered in?

The media platform the photographer makes use of to deliver the images to the client allows for the photos to be downloaded in two formats - full resolution, which is suitable for print work (for brochures or marketing prints), and Web resolution which is ideal for online property/accommodation listings and social media.

My Real Estate Photographs need editing, can you assist?

Yes, we can. Our photographers are skilled in image editing and can offer minor retouching and colour corrections to any of your photographs. Common image Editing also includes making dead grass green or making pools more blue along with fixing cracks and blemishes.

I am located far from Cape Town, can I be a client?

Yes definitely. You are not required to live or work in Cape Town to hire us. Let’s get in contact and discuss the scope and requirements of your photographic needs. A quote will then be drawn up, factoring in transportation costs and sent to you as soon as possible.

Keep in mind our Real Estate Photography services are generally offered to clientele in the Cape Town CBD, Southern Suburbs and Atlantic Seaboard Area. Should you reside in these areas transportation will be inclusive in rates.

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Have we answered all your questions? Making use of a professional property photographer for your marketing needs is a sure way of enhancing your image of professionalism regarless of your industry. Showcasing what you have to offer with high-end photographs will give you that edge you need to be noticed. 

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