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Property Video Editing Service

With the ever increasing demand and interest for Video Tours/"Walkthroughs" of properties, marketing for Real Estate is becoming more and more digital. For this reason I am now offering Video Tour and Video Editing services, with the purpose of allowing my clients to have another medium in showing potential customers what homes and spaces look like by ways of video. Video has a different approach to images in that it focuses more on the flow of the property, how one moves from one space to the next, giving a more personal experience.

The purpose of including Video Editing services (as an alternative to our Video Tour service where the whole shoot is completed by us) is to expand the benefit and advantage of Video Tours to Agents who manage and sell properties that don't have large budgets for marketing of said properties. Here is an example of work I have done for existing clients:

The above video was recorded with the agents cell phone camera

The idea and process behind this is that the client/agent make use of their phone/office camera to record the videos of the home, making sure to get a snippet of each aspect of the home. Once completed they take the videos from their device and upload it to a cloud platform that can be shared with us. We then take all the footage and compile it - removing segments, adding media such as music, logos and information, stabilizing it and send it back to the client.

Naturally we understand the technical elements around this service can have a challenging learning curve. Therefore we have created a simple list outlining guidelines & recommendations for taking the videos as well as offering technical support wherever necessary. Ranging from instructions on how to retrieve the footage off your device and uploading it to a cloud storage, too informing the client on how to display the video on their listings.

Other editing services we also offer our clients is Property Image Editing Service

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Making use of a professional property photographer for your marketing needs is a sure way of enhancing your image of professionalism regardless of your industry. Showcasing what you have to offer with high-end photographs will give you that edge you need to be noticed. 

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