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Prepare Your Home for Real Estate Photography

As a photographer who has photographed many different luxurious interiors of properties, ranging in size, value and location around Cape Town; I have had a fair share in challenges and 'obstacles' come my way when photographing different houses. All of which can and has hampered the efficiency of my photography shoot negatively. The challenge that I am faced with the most is when the interior living space and externals of a home has not been prepared correctly or at all for a Real Estate Photography Shoot. This led me to creating a document which I now send to my clients; giving them steps and tips to follow in order to prepare the property best for my arrival.

Inside the Home

  • The home needs to be cleaned and dusted.

  • De-clutter the home as much as possible. Put away clothing, shoes, towels, toys, etc.

  • All bathroom counter tops and shelves should be cleared of all personal items such as toothbrushes, skincare products, face clothes, etc.

  • Each bed in the house should be made and pillows fluffed preferably with your best, matching linen.

  • Bed side tables should be kept neat and all books and accessories should be packed away.

  • Try keep the cables leading to appliances neat and tidy. E.g. Next to/around your bed, TV, etc.

  • Remove any seasonal decorations you may have around your home as it would out date the images.

  • The kitchen sink should be cleaned and all dishes put away.

  • Clear all kitchen counter tops of clutter and appliances only leaving 2 or 3 basic appliances.

  • Remove all body products from the showers and baths in the home.

  • Hang towels neatly in the bathroom and remove any used towels.

  • Hide away any trash cans in the home.

  • Lower all toilet seats and lids in the house.

  • Any light bulbs that have blown in the house should be replaced.

Outside the Home

  • Clean up any mess left behind animals.

  • All gardening equipment should be put away. E.g. hoses, tools, sprinklers, etc.

  • Remove any covers from pool/hot tub if applicable and ensure it is clean and free from any algae.

  • Ensure that the grass is cut and the foliage is neatly trimmed.

  • Any light bulbs that have blown outside needs to be replaced if the shoot occurs late evening.

  • Any seasonal decorations outside should be removed as it would out date the images.

Before the Photographer arrives

  • All lighting in and around the home should be turned on. Including bed side lamps, furniture lighting, cabinet lighting, etc.

  • Any ceiling fans should be turned off.

  • Unlock and open any security gates the property has.

  • All blinds, shades and curtains should be opened.

  • Driveways should be cleared of any vehicles.

For information on what you as the agent/home owner can do in order to prepare for a property photographer to capture your home please feel free to contact us.

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